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This Goa Incall Escort Agency donates ‘Lakhs’ of Free Condoms Every Year

I once met a 40 year old mature Goa Incall Escort Housewife with a drum tight pussy. I asked her the secret so that I could pass on the same to my 45 year old wife, the escort told me that it was a Chinese herb but she wasn’t willing to tell the name of that herb.

Her pussy was as wet as a Margao street during the rainy season by the time she undressed herself.

She told me that she had a successful career in computer programming before turning an escort.

This 40 year old mature housewife escort also happened to be one of the admins of r/nosugar. She claims that she didn’t take any sugar in the past 3 years and didn’t drink any alcohol in the past 99 days.

I wanted someone who would scratch my back with her long nails from one hand while stroking my dick with her another hand and kiss me on the lips, all the same time and she really delighted in it.

Her entire body was so sensitive that just a touch of a finger anywhere on her body would give her goosebumps and erect her nipples as well.

One thing that I am yet to find an answer to is that why do the women with big booties can’t get enough of kissing on their men’s nipples and neck and why do the women with big natural breasts can’t get enough of kissing on their men’s lips. If you are a virgin or have never been with a woman with either big breasts or buttcheeks then watch any movie of Nicole Sheridan, Josephine James or Kiara Mia.

Delhi Escort Agencies work as protection shields for their Russian Babes

I believe that female escorts of a nation are its most precious assets and trying to put ban on such precious assets is one of the biggest sins that anyone can commit.

I understand it very well that your wife is like your lifelong fuck toy, but is she even close to an escort when it comes to having fun.

I once ordered a Russian escort in Delhi who really happened to have a body of a clay figurine. She told me that the very first sex that she ever had was with a best male friend of her elder sister. The greatest thing is that her elder sister is not aware of it all till very date. She also told me that she has her own 5 pet dogs, each belonging to a different breed and she also told me that she spends as much money shopping for each of her dog as she does for her personal shopping.

Another time when I was in New Delhi, I ordered a Half-Iranian and Half-Assamese escort, who when kissed me on the lips, I felt like I received an electric shock, she was literally very high voltage. We had vigorous sex which lasted for 150 minutes and we both came right at the same time. She even let me knock her back door.

I believe that high class female escorts are some of the least vulnerable people to the so-called corona aka clown walrus; These high class female escorts only meet high class elite gentlemen who keep themselves sanitized, hygienic and well.

One fun fact in the end: Only cheap escorts let you have sex with them in your car.

Sex Toy Brand owner from Tangerang City enjoys Russian masseuses in Goa each time he is there

Jamaludin Leng from Tangerang City, Indonesia is a sex toy brand owner who has been selling the products at what they cost to him to make the brand popular for now. He claims to have a great strategy behind it all. He claims that the sex toy industry in Indonesia has only seen rise while the escort/marriage industry has been seeing decline for decades now.

Jamaludin has always been passionate about getting sexy massages. He writes on his sex toy company’s official blog that the Goa masseuses who drive themselves to the client’s location, with no driver involved, are generally the hottest in bed. They do it so that nobody is there to interrupt them while they are having fun.

Jamaludin believes that the number of the days of the cinemas are over. He says that soon the top Hollywood female actors will turn into $15000 North Goa Escorts.

Jamaludin sounds like a conspiracy theorist when he writes on his sex company’s blog that the nation of Israel will soon have condoms everywhere like in the USA, which is against the Old Testament and the Talmud, which proves that Israel is more of a Zionist state than a Jewish state.

Jamaludin also writes on his sex toy brand’s blog that it goes without saying that the dogs eat pussy better than the men. He adds that single women are notorious for making their dogs eat their pussies. He advises men that if you are a broad-minded enough, make your dog eat your wife’s pussy and don’t let her call the dog her son, otherwise it causes a guilt complex.

Jamaludin decided to have a sex toy brand when he saw that there were more men and women with a great deal of self control than he earlier thought. H hates such men and women, he believes that every man and woman should be ready to fuck each time someone gives them an invitation.

Jamaludin writes on his company’s blog that he used to be scared of hot and naughty girls back as a teen, now he cannot stand any other type of women.