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Live Sex Cam Models are willing to provide me their Fresh Milk for an upcoming project of mine

I am really amazed that there is no Gharial dildo available in the market yet. That Gharial mouth really makes straight women and gay men wet; The first thing that they think after seeing a Gharial mouth is if they only could take it up in their pussy or asshole. I believe that I am going to be the first one to launch such a sex toy. Stay ready and identify my sex toys company when I do that, I like to keep it a secret here, because I didn’t create this blog for any sort of endorsement or promotion for my company but rather to make your sex lives better, irrespective of the fact whether you are a straight male or a female or someone belonging to the LGBT community.

After having sold sex toys for years now, I have come to the conclusion that in no part of the world, do the sex dolls sell as much as they ought to, especially the tattooed ones. I am amazed that most of the sex doll buyers aren’t even aware of the fact that there are tattooed sex dolls available everywhere online to buy and that too in plenty.

The sex toy makers have accomplished a lot but they still haven’t been able to change the mindset of the sex toy prospects as they should have and that includes myself and my company.

One of my future business plans is to sell real human woman’s packed milk all across the globe. This milk can be used for nutritious purposes for the adults and babies and straight men, bisexual and lesbian women would be able to use this milk for their fetishes as well. This milk is also for the ones who love the taste of a human woman’s milk. I have already agreed a couple of busty lesbians that I met on world of sex cams to provide me the milk regularly for this upcoming project of mine.

Not able to get over this Shoplyfter Porn Model, which is too unusual for a Pimp like myself

I have done some of the craziest things that you can imagine to increase my sexual stamina in the past and although most of those didn’t work, now I believe that I have found the real goldmine. I have been practicing the infamous yoga pose Vajroli mudra for a while to increase my sexual stamina for a while now and it has greatly increased my sexual stamina, I must say.

It is my personal observation that an adult man or a woman must never rely on one pussy or a dick for all the sexual pleasure that they need. It is really funny to me that although most adult males and females are well aware of the fact that human beings are polygamous beings yet they rely on a single dick or a pussy for all their sexual needs most of the times.

I love to learn new languages and the most recent language that I attempted to learn was the Hindi language. I stopped learning it only after a couple of days as I observed it early enough that speaking or thinking in the Hindi language reduces libido, which is worst than suicide for me.

I personally believe that cam models are some of the most underpaid people on earth. I was really amazed by the stunning looks, intelligence, dancing skills of the cam model I had live sex chat with for the first time.

I love women that wear anklets like the one I saw yesterday in one of the shoplyfter free porn videos. I really wish that I could show you this beauty’s photographs wearing ankles.

Oregon Man claims to have watched over 6000 Hentai Porn Flicks since his wife went Vegan

David Teague from Eugene, Oregon, whose wife hasn’t been showing any interest in sex since she turned vegan and he does nothing in the night but watch Hentai Bros flicks and jerks off till he falls asleep.

David lived in different parts of the USA at different points of time. He says the Hispanic chicks of Miami are nowhere as nasty as their counterparts in Latin America.

David has a blog which is full of NSFW stuff. He received the largest number of comments on a post where he mentioned “It’s okay if you want to liberate your pussies, but you ought to respect my right to sniff, eat and get inside those.”

David claims the Sephardic Jewish chicks are far more nasty than their Ashkenazi, Ethiopian, Bene Israel or Mizrahi counterparts, both inside and outside Israel.

David lived in the country called Chad for 3 years straight. He didn’t see a single male chad there but fucked a lot of hot hookers during his time there.

David claims eating dairy products combined with sugary things kill your libido in the long run.

David recently enjoyed a trip to the Amsterdam Red Light District. He says it was amazing to see that the men belonging to the third-world and second-world countries were spending money like there was no tomorrow but the ones belonging to the first world were all acting so scrooge.

David believes arrogant and sarcastic women in the public are the same in the bedroom.

One of David’s friends got his dick cut the Aboriginal style to pleasure his wife better but failed. She enjoyed it more before.

Asian Pornostars don’t shave their Pubes to retain Pheromones, claims Dutch Sex Blogger

Sharon Abreo is a sex blogger from Quebec, Canada, who writes on her blog that if you marry a woman who is deemed unattractive by some standard of society, you will not be content in your marriage.

Sharon believes that the pubic hair retain pheromones for both men and women and she applauds the Asian Pornstars for not shaving their pubic hair.

Sharon believes that the large framed women are evil.

Sharon writes that any woman who has an unattractive physical treatment will always feel insecure; this insecurity will always seep into the relationship.

Sharon tells to stay away from women with saggy breasts, women with wide waists and women with flat buttocks.

Sharon recently wrote the story of a good male friend of her since her college days. She wrote about him that this friend of hers used to be a member of the cult that goes by the name r/semenretention. He used to sleep naked as those guys told him that wearing an underwear increases the likelihood of a wet dream. He went on to the extent of trying the so-called duct-tape method. He used to place the penis with the tip facing upwards towards the stomach. Then took a strip of duct tape and taped his head down covering his urethra and unwrapped the tape around his waist. In short, “Took the foreskin, covered the urethra, and placed tape over it.”

It gave him a strong case of chronic epididymitis, chronic orchitis and retrograde ejaculation after 4 months of doing so.

He believes that his sex life is over now and probably, he will never be able to have children.

Evolution is the reason why MILFs are getting better at everything including their BJ skills

Bobby Boyle from California believes every real man enjoys smelling pussy more than the greatest perfumes ever.

Bobby’s wife likes pencil dicks but he has a huge one. She only lets him fuck once a month but gives MILF BJ to him twice a day. Rest of the day Bobby fingers her for at least 30 minutes a day, it is mostly until she squirts a whole load on him.

Bobby has a lesbian sister. Looking at the sexual behaviour of his lesbian sister, Bobby has come to the conclusion that the lesbians are most horny during the month of October and looking at the sexual behaviour of his wife and girlfriends, he concludes that the straight women are most horny during the month of August.

Bobby had a big booty dyslexic girl as a girlfriend. He says that she made him believe nobody fucks like a big booty dyslexic girl.

One of Bobby’s sister-in-laws is in an open relationship with twin brothers. They play hide and seek every night (Bobby’s sister-in-law and her twin boyfriends), whichever brother finds her before, gets to have her for the night.

Bobby believes that if one were to believe in evolution, then the human dicks and pussies were never as sensitive as they are nowadays.

Bobby writes on his blog that the government which wants to impose monogamy on the human beings forcefully has been hiding the fact that the changing of sexual partners as often as possible increases the formation of positive hormones in the human bodies while using the same sexual partner all your life (which happens very rarely) does the opposite. He adds that it is a known fact that during cavemen times, both men and women were much stronger physically and had much better immune systems compared to the modern human beings.

Meet Sexy Cam Girls For Free And Finger Them For 15 Minutes Straight

Jose Levya’s wife is a screenwriter and poet who celebrates with a sex party after each big paycheck. The first time she took a 13 inch BBC all inside her, she fell unconscious. She really has those Lisa Ann tits naturally. She struggled with obesity all her teen years though.

Both Jose and his wife enjoy fucking on the carpet more than they do on the bed. They also prefer sweaty sex and hence, it is very rare that they have an Air Conditioner or Fans on while making love to each other.

Jose Levya brags that he can last till infinity inside a pussy but blowjob makes him cum within minutes.

Jose believes that in the Arab world, sex education used to be the main subject in the Universities there before the advent of Islam.

Jose brags that he never took any loan or credit in his life. He believes that it wouldn’t be so if he didn’t have dating apps to meet live sex cam girls and rather used escort agencies to have fun with women other than his wife, he would be strongly indebted without any doubt.

Jose says that each sexy woman that she meets whether it be his wife, his girlfriends or someone he met through a dating app, he fingers her for 15 minutes straight before fucking her.

Jose says that on the working days can last only 60 minutes in bed and on the holidays can easily last 2 hours.

Jose says that on the working days, he can last only 60 minutes maximum in bed and on the holidays he can easily last for 2 hours. He agrees with all those who say that stress is the biggest barrier in a happy sex life.

Ethnic Bosnian Escorts believe Mumbai is the best place to entertain clients for them

Abid Nevesinjac is a friendly, open-minded, clean and classy gentleman originally from the Bosnian and Herzegovina’s popular city called Mostar. Abid’s whole family left Bosnia and Herzegovina for Turkey in 1991 to save themselves from the impact of the so-called Bosnian war of Independence.

The war indeed had a lot of negative impact on the local population which the Bosnian government and the media buried under the carpets. The government of Bosnia and Herzegovina depicts itself as the victor of the Bosnian War but they never tell you how many lives they lost during that war.

So many Bosnian women had to become prostitutes in order to provide their families with food, clothing and shelter. Hundreds if not thousands of men turned into escort for illegal money of Bosnian politicians, some even travelled to India to become Foreign Escorts in Mumbai.

In short, the Bosnian government and some fanatics changed the old set of problems for a new one. The new problems are much worse than the older ones.

So many Bosnian youngsters are still burning in the desire to take care of some unfinished emotional business. Instead of thinking about how to make money with under-utilized resources of the country, these youngsters think about taking revenge all the time. You would not want a dog to act like a cat and a cat to act like a dog. This is what has happened to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina after the Bosnian war.

Anyways, Abid Nevesinjac and his family are very happy with their lives in Turkey. Recently, Abid’s dad got a hair transplant done by Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu in Istanbul and he was too worried about the hair transplant density before getting it done. All his worried disappeared once he had a look of himself in the mirror after recovering.

Getting a White Escort in Candolim, Goa was as easy as getting a China-Made Watch on eBay

Whether you get automatically hard in front of your female escort or you have to do it all manually, those White escorts in Goa in general really appreciate it and they love to suck and take a ride on it.

Last time when I was in Candolim, Goa, I hired a White escort girl who looked just like the pornstar Andi James’s daughter – Britt James and I loved my night with her.

She could squirt easily at her own will and I did make her squirt thrice the entire night I was with her.

Avoid damaging the sensitive organs of your escort for the night by handling her with care. Don’t bite her too hard!

Caution: An escort’s pussy can become too hot after you finger it, use care when you are done or you may end up with a burnt dick.

I recently wrote a short parody to the infamous 1983 song by Pat Benatar – Love is a Battlefield:-

We are Horny,

Pussy to Dick,

You are Erect,

I am Wet,

The only Promise,

The only Demand,

Is that you Put your hard dick in,

You are Strong,

Every woman is gonna tell you the same about your schlong,

I have been searching for a dick like that for so long,

Both of us horny,

My pussy itches when I am in a desperate need,

You fuck me till I am sore.”

Those Dusky Arora Female Escorts in South Goa say ‘Namaste’ Before You Climb on Them

I once met a South Goa escort who was a pro share holder. She told me that she never suffered a loss in the past 3 years. She said ‘Namaste‘ before we started making love and then again when she was leaving, she said Namaste to me. She was really such a sweetheart.

She was an Arora beauty with sexy dusky skin. She also had some Rajput and Brahmin blood in her.

She whispered and groaned in my ears while i was spooning her. She had an amazingly flexible body.

She didn’t have any problem with me switching position every other minute and I stayed inside her for about 75 minutes at once. She said that she was still so happy that it seemed that even when I switched the position after every 30 seconds, she would have no issue with it. She also had a great arrangement of ventilation at her apartment which I really appreciated.

I always prefer blue-eyed Indian escort girls because those blue eyes on an Indian woman remind me of my one and only Indian crush – Aishwarya Rai.

Last time, I hired a Celina Jaitley look-alike because that reminded me of my most favorite British pornstar of all times – Sophie Dee.

It is my personal observation that most of the escort providers in India are financially strong and stable.

Even small towns of India are now on par with the major metros of most other nations when it comes to the quality of their escort ladies.

I admit that the nation called India has lower standards when it comes to rest everything but not their escort women.

This Goa Outcall Escort Rides Men for Money on Even Days and Codes on Odd Days

I recently met this Goa outcall escort who only provides her paid companionship on the even days and spends the odd days pursuing her other hobbies, meditating, exercising and coding for a shopping website that she is in the process of building.

She is the daughter of a tile manufacturer from the Indian State of Rajasthan.

She told me that she used to work as an independent escort before she started working for an escort agency. She particularly learnt internet marketing to promote her website, it didn’t work and since then she has been working for a reputed and popular Goan escort agency.

I always hire an escort girl whenever I am having troubles with my girlfriend. Most of the times it is so much fun being with an escort girl that I wish my girlfriend never makes up with me.

I don’t have Peyrone’s disease but I have curved dick, those chics like to call it ‘Noah’s Ark’.

Once when I was in Goa, I needed some beauty with the body of the British Pornstar – Josephine James and the agency didn’t disappoint me at all. She wore a gold chain with a huge locket on it. It was literally a great sight seeing her gold locket touching her sensitive huge nipples while she was riding me cowgirl.

Most of the Goan female escorts belong to the upper Hindu castes and the Muslim ones have mostly Turkish, Pashto or Arabic background.

It is my personal experience that out of all Indian pussies, Bengali pussies smell and taste the best. Also, it is a lot more fun to suck those Bengali nipples.