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Old and Young Men Wank to the TikTok Nudes Alike

I find it very hard to resist if I see a beautiful chick wearing a skirt walking down the streets. It doesn’t matter to me if she has stunning legs or not, she just has to have a beautiful face and a body. Many people try to compare the modern escort services with the Uber […]

Ohio Hypnotherapists Using Incest Sex Scenes To Hypnotize Their Clients

Several actresses, singers, models and socialites that had a failed career have been working as sugar babies and the number only grows each year. Dr Noah Green Dr Noah Green from Toledo, Ohio, is a Neurologist and Dating Blogger, who used to visit a happy ending spa thrice a week, but hasn’t visit any for […]

Bakery Owner Spends All His Savings On Danish Ginger Escorts

A down-to-earth female escort makes her man feel better and value himself. Jahe Becker Jahe Becker from Skagen, Denmark, is a Sex Blogger and Bakery Owner, who believes real life sex, like meditation, increases calmness, awareness and ambition with a person while jerking-off to porn does the opposite. Jahe believes the study done in Israel […]

Air Crew Officer Admits Jerking Off To His Twin Cousins On Jerkmate

Those who think of their intelligence, ideas, wisdom or insight as the greatest gift of the god to the humanity are plain dumb. It is the hot voluptuous women that are the greatest gift of god to the humanity and it is well mentioned in Torah, ancient scriptures of the Babylonians and on the most […]

Englishman Watches Korean Karezza Porn On Full Moon Nights

Thanks to, women now know that dick size has almost nothing to do with a man’s height. No more you will find many women who look for none other than 6 or even 7 footers to date or marry. Andras Saar Andras Saar from Somerset, England, is a Sex Blogger and Finance Clerk, who […]

Communist Chinese Pussies Are As Red As The Communist Chinese Flag

No matter where a woman comes from, what economic background she has, how was she raised, her nipples are most sensitive at the age of 32 and many Hindu philosophers tried to convey that by giving a special importance to the number 32 in so many of their scriptures. Rannvijay Anand Rannvijay Anand is a […]

Jesus Wants You To Access Porn Webcams Stripchat

Jason Onunka from McDonough, Georgia, is an Architectural Engineer and Sex Blogger, whose wife had a hole in her heart as an infant. Jason and his wife very actively partake in swinging. She loves big dicks but still fears those big dicks and their owners; She attributes this fear of her to the hole in […]

Adult Products Retailer Believes In Jerking Off To Nothing But Thai Porn

Jasbir Bhatti from Berkeley, California, is a Full-Time Adult Products Retailer and Part-Time Sex Blogger, who jerks off using the used sparkly panties that comes to his store for sale to Kamala Harris’s DeepFake Videos. Jasbir is glad that the number of condoms exported from the USA per year is greater than the number of […]

4 Ft 9 Inches Tall Indian-American Dentist decided to become an Independent VR Pornostar

Jefferey Grant from Bradenton, Florida, believes nature’s laws have many flaws, like human females turning pregnant for 9 months and looking comparatively uglier for these 9 months. He says that he is not ashamed to admit that he hates the mammalian system. Jefferey believes the term ‘big bang’ came to the mind of Georges Lemaitre […]