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Communist Chinese Pussies Are As Red As The Communist Chinese Flag

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No matter where a woman comes from, what economic background she has, how was she raised, her nipples are most sensitive at the age of 32 and many Hindu philosophers tried to convey that by giving a special importance to the number 32 in so many of their scriptures.

Rannvijay Anand

Rannvijay Anand is a Legal Assistant and Sex Blogger from South Bend, Indiana, who believes a woman’s libido only increases with age if she keeps her diet both testosterone and oestrogen rich, and does exercises that increase the size of her hips, buttocks and breasts for at least 2 hours a day.

2 Different Ps are always interesting to me – a Different Pussy and a Different Perspective.

Rannvijay Anand

Rannvijay is married to a Polish woman named Paulina. She is also a sex blogger like Rannvijay and she cannot get enough of repeating that 2 Foreign Ds always taste great:- Foreign Dicks and Foreign Dishes. In other words, she has been enjoying the Indian Dishes and Indian Dick of Rannvijay since the day she got married to him.

Rannvijay believes the escort agents need to learn about online payment gateways from the Live Sex Cam Websites and Chinese Sex Video Websites.

Rannvijay writes the Classsic Bollywood Actress – Sharmila Tagore is the hottest woman that he has ever seen. He says he has jerked off more to this particular woman than any other in his life.

Rannvijay believes the survey that claims an average revenge sex includes 3 times as much kisses as compared to a regular sex between a boyfriend and a girlfriend and 5 times as much kisses when compared to a regular sex between a husband and a wife.

Rannvijay has an ex-millionaire friend who lost his millions to the highest class escorts around the world. Now, each night he faps to China Sex Video, can’t even afford a lubricant anymore, is forced to do it dry now.

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