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Adult Products Retailer Believes In Jerking Off To Nothing But Thai Porn

Jasbir Bhatti from Berkeley, California, is a Full-Time Adult Products Retailer and Part-Time Sex Blogger, who jerks off using the used sparkly panties that comes to his store for sale to Kamala Harris’s DeepFake Videos.

Jasbir is glad that the number of condoms exported from the USA per year is greater than the number of condoms purchased in the nation 2 decades ago.

Jasbir writes never before the number of sexy lingeries sold exceeded the number of bra and panties sold at a retail store. It really happened for the very first time in 2019.

Jasbir writes during the recession in 2008/2009, the sales for the clothes of both men and women dropped down a lot globally while the sales of sexually provocative clothes increased by 150%. He jokes that the sexually active lifestyle that these couples enjoyed during the recession times was mainly responsible for making them stress-free and clear-minded enough to bring the world out of economic recession again.

Jasbir writes that only once in his lifetime he jerked off to the Reddit OnlyFans nudes. He claims to have edged for 7 hours straight without ejaculating at all during that night. Most of the times, he only jerks off to the Thai Porn (ดูหนังโป๊).

Jasbir believes our nature is sinful by default. Animals are sinful creatures. Being wrong is human. Forgiving is divine. It’s all about being better than your animal self in the end.

Jasbir also believes that if you are a sinner by nature, there’s no divine power that could save you from yourself. Not even all the Buddhas in the universe could help you.

Biomass Expert takes pride in getting sucked off by his hot sisters

Sex is another pleasurable activity for an idiot and a pure bliss like no other for an enlightened one.

Lorenzo Bertotti

Lorenzo Bertotti from Dallas, Texas, is a sex blogger and a biomass expert, who only had one wet dream in his 35 years of life and he seems to proud of it. He believes one of the reasons why he never had more than one was because her hot sisters always sucked away all the semen he had since he was a teenager. The only time he had this wet dream was when he was away from his family and couldn’t fuck his own sisters.

Lorenzo writes he doesn’t even know what’s the official Bible right now. He says every Bible he ever read was just an advertisement to join Christianity. One even had this note saying “I am (enter your name) and I seek forgiveness by converting into a Christian from today. Please forgive my past sins.”

Lorenzo writes looking at the similarities that the Ganga River of India and Jordan River of Judaism share in the mythologies, he won’t be surprised to learn that the Jews once lived in India during the Biblical times.

Lorenzo believes wearing 100% pure leather Crocodile underwear increases libido in both women and men. He claims to have been wearing the same for the past 3 years now and believes his libido has shot up to 300% higher. He says he is so passionate about sex for the past 3 years now that he can have it 24/7 with the ugliest woman left on the face of the earth.

Lorenzo believes nothing makes you feel as warm as a good sexual session whoever it may be with. He is Pro-Incest as you can tell by reading the first paragraph of this article.

Watch this VR Smash Movie if you never watched a Bald Woman fucking on Screen or Dated One in Real Life

John Barrow from Dunham, England, is a sex doll retailer and sex blogger, who has been messaging a girl lately. He had some naughty texts with her. She told him that she fapped to a Virtual Reality Smash video after they both dove into a fantasy. it really got him upset.

John writes on his blog that the feel that he needs to empty himself won’t leave him alone. He feels he wants to connect more deeply to a lady. He had great adventures and the feeling of feeling empty afterwards just doesn’t make any sense to him anymore and he feels it’s a waste of time.

John writes that he never liked bald women until he saw Amber Rose with her shaved head for the very first time.

John claims that he knows one twin brothers, who lost their virginity to each other. Both have the same height, same body shape and same sized dicks. They still happily give each other blowjobs but don’t fuck each other in the ass anymore.

John believes the term ‘prostitution’ gives such a bad name to one of the most natural and pious businesses ever invented by the mankind. He suggests that they should replace ‘sex worker’ and ‘prostitutes’ with ‘sex teachers’ and all the image built around the common people regarding prostitution would change.

4 Ft 9 Inches Tall Indian-American Dentist decided to become an Independent VR Pornostar

Jefferey Grant from Bradenton, Florida, believes nature’s laws have many flaws, like human females turning pregnant for 9 months and looking comparatively uglier for these 9 months. He says that he is not ashamed to admit that he hates the mammalian system.

Jefferey believes the term ‘big bang’ came to the mind of Georges Lemaitre after he had sex with an English prostitute very hard and she told him “Don’t bang me so fast and hard”.

Jefferey once dated a 4’9″ Indian Dentist who was down for a Blowjob anytime he wanted even when she had appointments, but wouldn’t let him fuck her because she complained it hurt a lot.

Jefferey has always been a porn freak. He says even when he was dating this petite Indian dentist, he would often jerk off to the VR Porn videos.

Jefferey claims that MILFs who read a lot are better fucks than the MILFs who don’t read at all but he says the opposite is true in case of the younger women.

Jefferey claims that some Israeli handcrafters used to make handmade condoms even during King Saul’s time, but the historians have chosen to bury this fact due to some political reasons.

Jefferey believes nobody has ever been able to come up with a clear definition of sexuality and it is one of the biggest pities of the history of mankind.

Jefferey claims to know many multinational corporation CEOs, who spend more than half of their salaries on cam models, twitch thots, escorts and masseuses.

Live Sex Cam Models are willing to provide me their Fresh Milk for an upcoming project of mine

I am really amazed that there is no Gharial dildo available in the market yet. That Gharial mouth really makes straight women and gay men wet; The first thing that they think after seeing a Gharial mouth is if they only could take it up in their pussy or asshole. I believe that I am going to be the first one to launch such a sex toy. Stay ready and identify my sex toys company when I do that, I like to keep it a secret here, because I didn’t create this blog for any sort of endorsement or promotion for my company but rather to make your sex lives better, irrespective of the fact whether you are a straight male or a female or someone belonging to the LGBT community.

After having sold sex toys for years now, I have come to the conclusion that in no part of the world, do the sex dolls sell as much as they ought to, especially the tattooed ones. I am amazed that most of the sex doll buyers aren’t even aware of the fact that there are tattooed sex dolls available everywhere online to buy and that too in plenty.

The sex toy makers have accomplished a lot but they still haven’t been able to change the mindset of the sex toy prospects as they should have and that includes myself and my company.

One of my future business plans is to sell real human woman’s packed milk all across the globe. This milk can be used for nutritious purposes for the adults and babies and straight men, bisexual and lesbian women would be able to use this milk for their fetishes as well. This milk is also for the ones who love the taste of a human woman’s milk. I have already agreed a couple of busty lesbians that I met on world of sex cams to provide me the milk regularly for this upcoming project of mine.

Not able to get over this Shoplyfter Porn Model, which is too unusual for a Pimp like myself

I have done some of the craziest things that you can imagine to increase my sexual stamina in the past and although most of those didn’t work, now I believe that I have found the real goldmine. I have been practicing the infamous yoga pose Vajroli mudra for a while to increase my sexual stamina for a while now and it has greatly increased my sexual stamina, I must say.

It is my personal observation that an adult man or a woman must never rely on one pussy or a dick for all the sexual pleasure that they need. It is really funny to me that although most adult males and females are well aware of the fact that human beings are polygamous beings yet they rely on a single dick or a pussy for all their sexual needs most of the times.

I love to learn new languages and the most recent language that I attempted to learn was the Hindi language. I stopped learning it only after a couple of days as I observed it early enough that speaking or thinking in the Hindi language reduces libido, which is worst than suicide for me.

I personally believe that cam models are some of the most underpaid people on earth. I was really amazed by the stunning looks, intelligence, dancing skills of the cam model I had live sex chat with for the first time.

I love women that wear anklets like the one I saw yesterday in one of the shoplyfter free porn videos. I really wish that I could show you this beauty’s photographs wearing ankles.

Oregon Man claims to have watched over 6000 Hentai Porn Flicks since his wife went Vegan

David Teague from Eugene, Oregon, whose wife hasn’t been showing any interest in sex since she turned vegan and he does nothing in the night but watch hentai and jerks off till he falls asleep.

David lived in different parts of the USA at different points of time. He says the Hispanic chicks of Miami are nowhere as nasty as their counterparts in Latin America.

David has a blog which is full of NSFW stuff. He received the largest number of comments on a post where he mentioned “It’s okay if you want to liberate your pussies, but you ought to respect my right to sniff, eat and get inside those.”

David claims the Sephardic Jewish chicks are far more nasty than their Ashkenazi, Ethiopian, Bene Israel or Mizrahi counterparts, both inside and outside Israel.

David lived in the country called Chad for 3 years straight. He didn’t see a single male chad there but fucked a lot of hot hookers during his time there.

David claims eating dairy products combined with sugary things kill your libido in the long run.

David recently enjoyed a trip to the Amsterdam Red Light District. He says it was amazing to see that the men belonging to the third-world and second-world countries were spending money like there was no tomorrow but the ones belonging to the first world were all acting so scrooge.

David believes arrogant and sarcastic women in the public are the same in the bedroom.

One of David’s friends got his dick cut the Aboriginal style to pleasure his wife better but failed. She enjoyed it more before.

Asian Pornostars don’t shave their Pubes to retain Pheromones, claims Dutch Sex Blogger

Sharon Abreo is a sex blogger from Quebec, Canada, who writes on her blog that if you marry a woman who is deemed unattractive by some standard of society, you will not be content in your marriage.

Sharon believes that the pubic hair retain pheromones for both men and women and she applauds the Asian Pornstars for not shaving their pubic hair.

Sharon believes that the large framed women are evil.

Sharon writes that any woman who has an unattractive physical treatment will always feel insecure; this insecurity will always seep into the relationship.

Sharon tells to stay away from women with saggy breasts, women with wide waists and women with flat buttocks.

Sharon recently wrote the story of a good male friend of her since her college days. She wrote about him that this friend of hers used to be a member of the cult that goes by the name r/semenretention. He used to sleep naked as those guys told him that wearing an underwear increases the likelihood of a wet dream. He went on to the extent of trying the so-called duct-tape method. He used to place the penis with the tip facing upwards towards the stomach. Then took a strip of duct tape and taped his head down covering his urethra and unwrapped the tape around his waist. In short, “Took the foreskin, covered the urethra, and placed tape over it.”

It gave him a strong case of chronic epididymitis, chronic orchitis and retrograde ejaculation after 4 months of doing so.

He believes that his sex life is over now and probably, he will never be able to have children.

South African Psychiatrist Wife Twerks Madly for Her Habibi just like those Hot Cam Models Each Night

Kinkela Caleb from South Africa says that he loves women from big cities as they aren’t very emotional in general.

Both Kinkela and his wife – Abebi, are Psychiatrists. They met each other at a Psychiatry seminar.

Kinkela says that whenever Abebi is in the mood for dancing, she is indirectly indicating that she is in the mood for a fuck. He further says that Abebi can twerk as good as those women in the free hot webcams.

Kinkela travelled almost all of the Middle-East. He says that only if Saudi Arabia becomes a democracy, the Riyadh will turn into the Bangkok of the Middle-East within only a matter of few months.

I don’t know whether it is true or not, but Kinkela recently wrote on his sex blog that he has an Arab neighbouring family and not a single member of the family had an idea that Kinkela speaks fluent Arabic. The woman of the family, whom Kinkela claims is naturally as voluptuous as the Pornstar Kiara Mia, talked dirty to Kinkela in Arabic language while he was having a conversation one day with her telling her that her son could be autistic. She thought that Kinkela doesn’t understand a word of Arabic and kept talking dirty to him in Arabic, only to get fucked in the ass later that night by Kinkela during the absence of her husband.

Kinkela believes that drinking milk with sugar increases libido, especially when done in the night. Also as a Psychiatrist, Kinkela believes that drinking milk straight out of a woman’s boobs relieves depression and suicidal thoughts. He says the higher the level of estrogen of the woman, the more effective this therapy is.

Evolution is the reason why MILFs are getting better at everything including their BJ skills

Bobby Boyle from California believes every real man enjoys smelling pussy more than the greatest perfumes ever.

Bobby’s wife likes pencil dicks but he has a huge one. She only lets him fuck once a month but gives MILF BJ to him twice a day. Rest of the day Bobby fingers her for at least 30 minutes a day, it is mostly until she squirts a whole load on him.

Bobby has a lesbian sister. Looking at the sexual behaviour of his lesbian sister, Bobby has come to the conclusion that the lesbians are most horny during the month of October and looking at the sexual behaviour of his wife and girlfriends, he concludes that the straight women are most horny during the month of August.

Bobby had a big booty dyslexic girl as a girlfriend. He says that she made him believe nobody fucks like a big booty dyslexic girl.

One of Bobby’s sister-in-laws is in an open relationship with twin brothers. They play hide and seek every night (Bobby’s sister-in-law and her twin boyfriends), whichever brother finds her before, gets to have her for the night.

Bobby believes that if one were to believe in evolution, then the human dicks and pussies were never as sensitive as they are nowadays.

Bobby writes on his blog that the government which wants to impose monogamy on the human beings forcefully has been hiding the fact that the changing of sexual partners as often as possible increases the formation of positive hormones in the human bodies while using the same sexual partner all your life (which happens very rarely) does the opposite. He adds that it is a known fact that during cavemen times, both men and women were much stronger physically and had much better immune systems compared to the modern human beings.