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Old and Young Men Wank to the TikTok Nudes Alike

I find it very hard to resist if I see a beautiful chick wearing a skirt walking down the streets. It doesn’t matter to me if she has stunning legs or not, she just has to have a beautiful face and a body.

Many people try to compare the modern escort services with the Uber cabs. Not to mention that they don’t get to give analogies of escort services much nowadays, since the massage parlours have taken over, especially those Nuru ones.

No modern escort agency that I know accepts cheques and that’s one of the places where they are losing to the massage parlours.

I have a Japanese accountant friend living in the US for past 6 years, who claims that the WWE and WCW wrestler – Booker T used to pimp girls in the city of Shreveport, Louisiana, before becoming a wrestler.

This Japanese accountant friend of mine keeps saying all the time that he is tired of seeing his penis getting shrunken each day but he jacks to the hot TikTok nudes almost every night nonetheless.

This Japanese accountant friend of mine is married to a strict Catholic woman who doesn’t agree to use the pull-out method since the day she read about the sin of Onan, but she agrees to take a pill. He keeps telling her that her pussy doesn’t feel good enough with a condom on and he only prefers the pull-out method. Each night he lies to her that he is going to end up cumming inside her pussy but pulls out each time before that. It is really funny how he is able to make her a fool each time.

Hypnotherapists Using Pictures Of Stunning Sugar Baby To Hypnotize Their Male Clients

Several actresses, singers, models and socialites that had a failed career have been working as sugar babies and the number only grows each year.

Dr Noah Green

Dr Noah Green from Toledo, Ohio, is a Neurologist and Dating Blogger, who used to visit a happy ending spa thrice a week, but hasn’t visit any for 3 years now since he discovered a Sugar Babies Website. He writes he has had more sex in these 3 years than he has ever had though. And yes, neither did he get married not has he been hiring escorts.

Closet lesbians and Bisexual women account for over 15% of the Global Sugar Baby Revenues.

An Anonymous Sugar Baby

In the past 3 years, not a single day has passed when Dr Noah didn’t have a Foreign Colored Young Sugar Baby hold his hands during a winter day and sleep right next to him during the cold winter night. He is not sure why he feels so horny during the winters: if it is changed weather or is it drinking so much, or a combination of both?

Hypnotic spirals are an obsolete phenomenon that rarely work. They should rather have the pictures of naked attractive women scroll though on a huge screen to hypnotize the straight men and those of naked attractive men on a huge screen to hypnotize the gay men and straight women.

Dr Noah Green

Dr Noah predicts 2% of the adult ethnic Arab women living in Sweden, regardless of their religious beliefs, would work as part or full-time Sugar Babies. He assumes this honorable job would gain the Arabs more respect in Scandinavia and even somewhat throughout the rest of the world.

I don’t think I would be wrong if I say that the Sugar Babies are generally more fit and healthy than the professional models. They have been featured on several Reality Shows across the world, mostly in the US and the UK, and one can easily tell by looking at them that most sugar babies refrain from consuming refined sugar.

Dr Noah Green

Dr Noah writes several studies and surveys have concluded that an average sugar baby is better educated and more intelligent than an average 30 year old women who is not a sugar baby, but the mainstream media in any part of the world won’t mention it for their political correctness and fear of different denominations of different religions.

Bakery Owner Spends All His Savings On Danish Ginger Escorts

A down-to-earth female escort makes her man feel better and value himself.

Jahe Becker

Jahe Becker from Skagen, Denmark, is a Sex Blogger and Bakery Owner, who believes real life sex, like meditation, increases calmness, awareness and ambition with a person while jerking-off to porn does the opposite.

Jahe believes the study done in Israel which concludes the Ginger Men and Women attain their sexual peak 2 years earlier on an average compared to their Non-Ginger counterparts.

Jahe writes it is such a pity that even after several decades of the evolution of the sex toy industry, the comfort and convenience of buying sex toys is still not on par with buying deodorants, furniture or clothes.

I can’t tell it from a woman’s perspective how different sex feels in a motel compared to a 5 star hotel, the only thing I miss out in a motel while having some poontang is the king size bed.

Jahe Becker

Jahe has been working on creating an innovative stimulant lube using Diesel, Petrol, Vaseline, Engine Oil and Mobile Oil.

Jahe claims British Pornstar – Sophie Dee, is secretly married to one of the male members of the legendary European Jewish Family – The Goldschmidts. He writes she was absent for a few years from the porn industry because she was too busy consummating her marriage with the Middle-Aged Goldschmidt. He is not sure if she has become a mother to her baby already.

Jahe buys nothing but cars with big boots as they remind him of his big booty ex-girlfriend who left him to marry an old multi-millionaire.

Jahe has been writing a book on one of his real life college friends’ struggle with his 5 year long erectile dysfunction. It is also going to be the first book authored by Jahe Becker.

Jahe knows a Persian-American CEO, who offered the Attorney, Escort and Pornstar – Jane Jones, whose staged name is Emma Starr, a brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale, just to accompany her to a Las Vegas Casino one night. She accepted the offer and apart from accompanying him to the Casino, she also spread her legs for Jahe for the next 2 nights.

Air Crew Officer Admits Jerking Off To His Twin Cousins On Jerkmate

Those who think of their intelligence, ideas, wisdom or insight as the greatest gift of the god to the humanity are plain dumb. It is the hot voluptuous women that are the greatest gift of god to the humanity and it is well mentioned in Torah, ancient scriptures of the Babylonians and on the most popular jerkmate review.

Haden Parris

Haden Parris is an Air Crew Officer and Sex Blogger from Carmel, Indiana, who claims to be the biggest tantric expert in the entire province of Indiana. He writes that with each mistake or error during a tantric sexual session, the participant is constantly learning something.

Haden writes that the first sentence which the Hindu God Rama said to his wife after discovering her in the jungle after isolation for an entire year was – “Lund Le Seete, Teri Choot Ka Ras Hum Hain Peete.” In Hindi it means enjoy my dick my beloved wife Sita, while after I am done banging you at the speed of a Cheetah, I will drink all your juices like there’s no tomorrow.

Haden once dated this married MILF who had 3 kids. She had a PhD in accounting. She wore nothing but different traditional dresses belonging to different cultures of the world in the day and nothing at all during the nights. She would giggle all the time while giving a blowjob, many times he would cum before time due to her sexy giggles getting him too hot. She loved to swallow all his baby-batter, since a stunning accounts teacher told her that swallowing sperm was the secret of her gorgeous face and exceptionally voluptuous body.

Having sex in a forest is the most fun and natural thing that you can do. It is such a pity that everyone talks about natural this, natural that, but nobody talks about the most natural form of sexual activity – Having sex in a Forest. Blessed are the tribal people for they still get to fondle those tits in the jungle while drinking that pussy juice.

Haden Parris

Haden has a fetish for short-haired girls. He is not ashamed to admit that he used to have wet dreams weekly, where he would be having threesomes with his short-haired twin sisters; sometimes twice during the same night.

Englishman Watches Korean Karezza Porn On Full Moon Nights

Thanks to, women now know that dick size has almost nothing to do with a man’s height. No more you will find many women who look for none other than 6 or even 7 footers to date or marry.

Andras Saar

Andras Saar from Somerset, England, is a Sex Blogger and Finance Clerk, who writes tantric sex (the higher form of karezza founded by Ancient Hindu Rishis) is one of the most if not the most misunderstood concept in the west. He writes tantric sex or any form of karezza sex is very harmful if done every night. He believes that the tantric sex is only meant to be done on every full moon night. He claims that even Prophet Muhammad knew this very well and that’s the reason why Muslims have a major festival dedicated to the full moon night.

Andras believes men by default have 3 times as much sexual stamina during the full moon nights compared to the regular nights and having non-ejaculatory sex during these full moon nights bring positive planetary effects for the rest of the month and several posters on r/semenretention, r/edging, r/pureretention and r/sex can attest this, he adds.

Andras has a friend who himself doesn’t work. The wife of this friend of Andras is a workaholic by the day and a sexaholic by the night. She needs to suck his dick for hours each night to relieve all the stress she accumulated throughout the day. He hates weekends for he doesn’t like to have sex at all during the weekends and he dare not ask for it as she is the one who makes all the money. He has to jerk off to the Korean porn to satiate his sexual desires during the weekends.

Communist Chinese Pussies Are As Red As The Communist Chinese Flag

No matter where a woman comes from, what economic background she has, how was she raised, her nipples are most sensitive at the age of 32 and many Hindu philosophers tried to convey that by giving a special importance to the number 32 in so many of their scriptures.

Rannvijay Anand

Rannvijay Anand is a Legal Assistant and Sex Blogger from South Bend, Indiana, who believes a woman’s libido only increases with age if she keeps her diet both testosterone and oestrogen rich, and does exercises that increase the size of her hips, buttocks and breasts for at least 2 hours a day.

2 Different Ps are always interesting to me – a Different Pussy and a Different Perspective.

Rannvijay Anand

Rannvijay is married to a Polish woman named Paulina. She is also a sex blogger like Rannvijay and she cannot get enough of repeating that 2 Foreign Ds always taste great:- Foreign Dicks and Foreign Dishes. In other words, she has been enjoying the Indian Dishes and Indian Dick of Rannvijay since the day she got married to him.

Rannvijay believes the escort agents need to learn about online payment gateways from the Live Sex Cam Websites and Chinese Sex Video Websites.

Rannvijay writes the Classsic Bollywood Actress – Sharmila Tagore is the hottest woman that he has ever seen. He says he has jerked off more to this particular woman than any other in his life.

Rannvijay believes the survey that claims an average revenge sex includes 3 times as much kisses as compared to a regular sex between a boyfriend and a girlfriend and 5 times as much kisses when compared to a regular sex between a husband and a wife.

Rannvijay has an ex-millionaire friend who lost his millions to the highest class escorts around the world. Now, each night he faps to China Sex Video, can’t even afford a lubricant anymore, is forced to do it dry now.

Jesus Wants You To Access Porn Webcams Stripchat

Jason Onunka from McDonough, Georgia, is an Architectural Engineer and Sex Blogger, whose wife had a hole in her heart as an infant.

Jason and his wife very actively partake in swinging. She loves big dicks but still fears those big dicks and their owners; She attributes this fear of her to the hole in her heart as an infant.

Many of the times, Jason and his wife stream their live swinging sex on sex cam chat websites. Learn how to Allow Access to Your Porn Webcams Stripchat.

Jason writes that he lost his virginity to his Puerto Rican maid. He says she had the most beautiful natural breasts that he has ever seen in person.

Jason also writes about this one threesome that he had with a Puerto Rican and a Mexican escort. He claims both the women were legit fighting to show their sex skills superiority. He thinks this was the best escort session that he ever went for.

Jason writes it is a false notion that the escorts fuck better at your venue than their own which he believes is far from the reality. He says they fuck equally good either way.

One of the very good friends of Jason converted to Islam from Catholicism and he says that he has never felt so free sexually before.

Perhaps the most controversial post ever made by Jason on his sex blog was when he wrote that women who despise sex are most likely descendants of the slave women that were raped all the time, mostly by the militants of the opposing armies. Sex hating women bombarded the comment section of this post and some other posts on his blog with swears, names and curses.

Jason received a lot of appreciation from the female readers of his blog when he mentioned that women who condemn their husbands behind their backs mostly do so because they are sexually unsatisfied.

Adult Products Retailer Believes In Jerking Off To Nothing But Thai Porn

Jasbir Bhatti from Berkeley, California, is a Full-Time Adult Products Retailer and Part-Time Sex Blogger, who jerks off using the used sparkly panties that comes to his store for sale to Kamala Harris’s DeepFake Videos.

Jasbir is glad that the number of condoms exported from the USA per year is greater than the number of condoms purchased in the nation 2 decades ago.

Jasbir writes never before the number of sexy lingeries sold exceeded the number of bra and panties sold at a retail store. It really happened for the very first time in 2019.

Jasbir writes during the recession in 2008/2009, the sales for the clothes of both men and women dropped down a lot globally while the sales of sexually provocative clothes increased by 150%. He jokes that the sexually active lifestyle that these couples enjoyed during the recession times was mainly responsible for making them stress-free and clear-minded enough to bring the world out of economic recession again.

Jasbir writes that only once in his lifetime he jerked off to the Reddit OnlyFans nudes. He claims to have edged for 7 hours straight without ejaculating at all during that night. Most of the times, he only jerks off to the Thai Porn (ดูหนังโป๊).

Jasbir believes our nature is sinful by default. Animals are sinful creatures. Being wrong is human. Forgiving is divine. It’s all about being better than your animal self in the end.

Jasbir also believes that if you are a sinner by nature, there’s no divine power that could save you from yourself. Not even all the Buddhas in the universe could help you.

Watch this VR Smash Movie if you never watched a Bald Woman fucking on Screen or Dated One in Real Life

John Barrow from Dunham, England, is a sex doll retailer and sex blogger, who has been messaging a girl lately. He had some naughty texts with her. She told him that she fapped to a Virtual Reality Smash video after they both dove into a fantasy. it really got him upset.

John writes on his blog that the feel that he needs to empty himself won’t leave him alone. He feels he wants to connect more deeply to a lady. He had great adventures and the feeling of feeling empty afterwards just doesn’t make any sense to him anymore and he feels it’s a waste of time.

John writes that he never liked bald women until he saw Amber Rose with her shaved head for the very first time.

John claims that he knows one twin brothers, who lost their virginity to each other. Both have the same height, same body shape and same sized dicks. They still happily give each other blowjobs but don’t fuck each other in the ass anymore.

John believes the term ‘prostitution’ gives such a bad name to one of the most natural and pious businesses ever invented by the mankind. He suggests that they should replace ‘sex worker’ and ‘prostitutes’ with ‘sex teachers’ and all the image built around the common people regarding prostitution would change.

4 Ft 9 Inches Tall Indian-American Dentist decided to become an Independent VR Pornostar

Jefferey Grant from Bradenton, Florida, believes nature’s laws have many flaws, like human females turning pregnant for 9 months and looking comparatively uglier for these 9 months. He says that he is not ashamed to admit that he hates the mammalian system.

Jefferey believes the term ‘big bang’ came to the mind of Georges Lemaitre after he had sex with an English prostitute very hard and she told him “Don’t bang me so fast and hard”.

Jefferey once dated a 4’9″ Indian Dentist who was down for a Blowjob anytime he wanted even when she had appointments, but wouldn’t let him fuck her because she complained it hurt a lot.

Jefferey has always been a porn freak. He says even when he was dating this petite Indian dentist, he would often jerk off to the VR Porn videos.

Jefferey claims that MILFs who read a lot are better fucks than the MILFs who don’t read at all but he says the opposite is true in case of the younger women.

Jefferey claims that some Israeli handcrafters used to make handmade condoms even during King Saul’s time, but the historians have chosen to bury this fact due to some political reasons.

Jefferey believes nobody has ever been able to come up with a clear definition of sexuality and it is one of the biggest pities of the history of mankind.

Jefferey claims to know many multinational corporation CEOs, who spend more than half of their salaries on cam models, twitch thots, escorts and masseuses.